Management Network Members

Akio Usami

Mr. Usami was a Olympian Marathon runner who participated in 3 Olympics in a row, and has set Japan records in 1970 at the International Marathon (now. Fukuoka International Open Marathon) of 2hours 10minutes 37secons and 8. Presently he hosts the Usami Marathon Sport Research Room, represents the Nippon Sport Volunteer Association, coaches marathon and gives speeches all over Japan.
Information about Walking events and Speeches.
The original charismatic walking trainer is organizing Speeches and events.
Cane unnecessary and Cane forgetting events (these events are known for the elderlies forgetting or leaving their cane at the end of them because they do not need them any more)
These event are highly acclaimed by people concerned about elderly care and health.
Please contact us for further information.

Masaru Ikei

Keio University Emeritus Professor
He is a historian, professional is Japanese diplomatic history, Far East international relations history.
He also serves as a representative director of the Japan Sports Society.

After completing the master's course of Keio University School of Law, Department of Political Science and Law at Keio University, he will become Professor at Keio University Law Professor after receiving assistant professor, assistant professor of the same university.
He has been working as one of the representatives of the university in 2000 after retirement.

Despite being a historian, he is a representative director of the Japan Sports Society. He also served as a director of the Keio University Athletic Association and is familiar with every sport, from major leagues to amateur sports.

He also gives lectures on the role of sports in diplomacy and its achievements, including sports and specialty Japanese diplomatic history.

"Japanese Foreign History History Review"
"Decision and misunderstanding - International negotiations to learn from history"
"Crossing the White Ball Pacific - History of Japanese-American Baseball Exchanges"
"Olympic politics"
"American Ambassador to Japan"
"Olympics and Japanese"
"Modern Olympic hero and heroine"

Victor Goldberg

Israel Lauded for his sophisticated combination of lyrical prowess, riveting intensity, and artful poise, the internationally renowned concert pianist Victor Goldberg has been widely considered one of the most important artists of his generation. Possessing a highly personal and individual approach to any music he interprets, Victor Goldberg has been hailed by music critics worldwide as a “poetic and pianistic wonder.”
He was the first instrumentalist in the school’s history to be awarded the prestigious Artist Diploma in Performance at the Manhattan School of Music.
Mr. Goldberg’s international awards and honors include the Honorary Diploma at the Vladimir Horowitz International Piano Competition, and first prize at the Arianne Katcz Piano Competition, among others.
“Hailed as the new Horowitz, Victor Goldberg is fast becoming a musical legend.” According to the Jerusalem Post, Victor Goldberg “will bring honor not only to his own country, but also to the world of music.”