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ABC Planning, Inc.


1.Business Ethics and Compliance with Laws

  1. We understand correctly and comply with all laws while conducting our business.
  2. We respect social norms, and develop our business operations fairly and transparently using common sense. To raise awareness within the company, we have set up in-house compliance awareness programs.
  3. We do not conduct any deal with or do not sponsor antisocial force and we have made clear the importance of this concern in our internal control system to prevent any damage.

2.Appropriate Information Management

  1. We recognize the responsibility we have to undertake promotional activities for the society or business partners, and we have a rigorous information management system and employee trainings to ensure the proper handling of our partners and in-house classified information.
  2. We prohibit any Insider Transaction and we educate thoroughly our employee about it.
  3. We disclose all necessary information to our stake holders in a timely and adequate manner.

3.Appropriate actions for environmental issues

  1. We put in place a set of rules to conduct our business, cooperate with our business partners and educate our employee to protect the global environment and the safety of the citizens living in it.

4.Maintenance and Improvement of the Work Environment

  1. We take a due care to respect each employee’s human right and to provide a safe work environment and we try to provide an unjustifiable discrimination or harassment free environment.
  2. We respect each employee’s individuality and provide a Personnel System and training and development system that will enable each employee to show one’s ability to the fullest.