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Nasushiobara city registered as a host town

Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture, signed an agreement on the pre-camp of the Austrian Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020.
Tomorrow, They also signed an agreement on pre-camping with the Austria Triathlon Federation.
In the future, They plan to go ahead and make relationships of culture, arts, education etc. better and stronger.

Nagasuhara City, Tochigi Prefecture, registered as a host town for the host town promoted by the country for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Cabinet Secretariat Tokyo Olympic Games and Tokyo Paralympic Games Games Promotion Headquarters Secretariat.
Nasushiobara city exchanges Austria, junior high school students and economic organizations that have continued since 2005.
And Nasushiobara city has been attracting preliminary training camps centering on triathlon because it is holding the Kanto student triathlon championship since 2000.