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Donation of hand-made masks

We donated hand-made masks for children

The spreading of the Novel coronavirus is continuing, and an emergency state declaration was made by the government recently. The situation of the COVID-19 remains unpredictable. In such a case, we discussed what we could do. Crio department, which deals with health and fitness products, and it’s manufacturer company CSE, decided to establish a “Hand made mask project.”

We took our advantage as a sporting product manufacturer company to design and fabricate masks with quick-drying property and high comfortability that can be used every day after washing. Although the materials for the mask were challenging to obtain, we repeated trials and error to develop our original hand made masks, and fabricated one by one wholeheartedly.

It is not much but we donated 2000 hand-made masks to the children in Sakai city, Ibaraki prefecture.

Although our contribution may be small, we will keep on supporting people who may in need.