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TECTA-PDS automatic water quality testing system received official qualification from JTU

We are happy to announce that the automatic water quality testing system TECTA-PDS received qualification form ITU (International Triathlon Union) and JTU (Japan Triathlon Union)

The sports event organizers need to consider and secure the safety of the athletes involved in the events.

The water quality will become different day by day with the changes in the weather. However, the conventional testing method takes too long to show the results. It is only practical to direct the water quality that is a few days behind the actual situation.

TECTA-PDS can report the water quality at a minimum time 2 hours, enabling the judging of event holding based on the numbers that reflect the actual water quality of the day.

Due to these reasons, thanks to its rapid and high accuracy of the results, ITU and JTU adopted TECTA-PDS as a microbiologic water quality inspection system for ITU and JTU authorized events.