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TECTA-PDS performed water inspection for the Japanese Triathlon Championships

The Japanese Triathlon Championship took place in Odaiba bay on 8th November 2020. The TECTA-PDS supported this event with the rapid and accurate water quality inspection to confirm the safeness of recreational water and secure the health of the athletes.

Unfortunately, Odaiba Bay became popular due to water quality concerns during the Olympic qualification place in 2019.

Therefore, it is significant for the competition organizers to know the water quality of the swim area to be sure that the competition is taking place in safe water.

The TECTA-PDS is capable of showing whether the water quality matches the World Triathlon standard or not within only 12 hours. This will help the organizers to make decisions based on the newest information on water quality.

The water inspection was conducted with TECTA-PDS 2 times. First, during the month before the competition and second, during the day of the competition. The results both showed that the water was safe enough to swim which gave relief and confidence to organizers and athletes.

The TECTA-PDS will keep contributing to the water welfare for the realization of Safe World.