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TECTA-PDS introduced in Japanese University Triathlon Championship

Japanese University Triathlon Championships were held on 1st November 2020. TECTA-PDS, the fully automated microbiology detection system was introduced in this event for the water quality inspection on Yanaka-lake (Swim area)

The conventional methods are only capable of showing results after 2 to 3 days from a sampling of water. This will cause problems in securing the safeness of the water to the athletes because the water quality can change dramatically as time passes.

TECTA-PDS develops fully automated, microbiology systems that are able to show whether the sample water matches the requirement level of World Triathlon standards within 12 hours. Therefore, the results can be given to the organizers before the competition, even if the water was collected the day before.

The test performed on the day before showed that the water quality of Yanaka-lake was sufficient to held swimming. The rapid and accurate test results gave the competition organizers confidence and relief to take the race in place.

Types of bacteriaYanakako measured value World Triathlon requirements
E. Coli1 CFU/100mlBelow 250 CFU/100ml
Enterococcus10 CFU/100mlBelow 100 CFU/100ml

The TECTA-PDS will keep contributing to the water welfare for the realization of Safe World.