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Commencing sales of “TECTA-PDS.”

We started handling of TECTA-PDS

We made a contract with Pathogen Detection Systems, Inc. in Canada as an exclusive agent in Japan to supply TECTA-PDS.


TECTA-PDS is the world’s first fully automated microbiological water quality inspecting system with the U.S EPA approval. TECTA-PDS can detect the presence of bacteria in the shortest, within 2 hours while the conventional method requires few days staring from sampling to the cultivation of bacterias in a lab environment.

TECTA-PDS can be used in detecting E.Coli, Enterococcus and etc.

2 Background

The Walkerton E.Coli outbreak in Walkerton, Ontario, a town in Canada in May 2000, is known as one of the most tragic issues that E.Coli in the water system had caused.

Numerous people became ill, and some had died due to the contamination of drinking water. One of the reasons why this incident became disastrous was the water quality inspection system that took a very long time to show the results.

The Government of Canada demanded a new inspection system never to repeat this tragic incident.
In 2003, the Queen’s university released the first version of TECTA™ and established PDS(Pathogen Detection Systems)

Over the years, the joint work of university with the Government of Canada continuously upgraded this technology. Finally, TECTA™ became the only automated mobile test system that took EPA approval for drinking water quality testing. This approval became a trigger to foster the installation of TECTA™ as a new standard of water testing system in municipality worldwide.

3 Certification authority

  • US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • MOE (Ministry of Environment, Ontario)
  • NIER (National Institute of Environmental Research)
  • Department of Health – National Reference Laboratory, Philippines
  • Ministry of Health, New Zealand 
    and so on…